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LA Cancer Research Foundation 

Volunteer Program

Seminar - Applications of Bioinformatics in Drug Discovery (Details to be posted soon)

Recent Events:

30 Mar 2017: One day event  for Cancer Prevention Awareness Program jointly conducted by LA Cancer RF with Salisbury University -Sigma-Pi  Students at Salisbury, Maryland, USA. 

Designing and developing  progressively a carcinogen database.

Developing a peptoid database relating to cancer cure. 

Distribution of flyers for cancer prevention awareness

"Habits which may induce cancer" (Flyer 1 - Front Page) 

Distribution of flyers for cancer prevention awareness:

"Habits which may cause cancer" (Flyer 1 - Back Page)

Developing cancer prevention awareness APP

Developed a website to present the goal of LA Cancer Research Foundation.

Issuing certificates to volunteers and donors 

Recent Events:

Cancer prevention awareness programs